Report highlights

  • 72% of respondents say that optimising customer loyalty is a top-five priority for senior management at their organisation. Yet, only 42% of respondents believe their organisation’s loyalty strategy is effective.  
  • 35% of consumers don’t want brands to know their browsing history, yet 57% expect brands to know their customer service history. 
  • Paid loyalty programme members are 60% more likely to spend more on a brand, whereas members of free loyalty programmes are only 30% more likely.
  • Top drivers of brand loyalty are price (57%), perceived quality (44%), product reviews (26%), speed and time it takes for the product to be delivered (25%) and shopping from a brand they’ve already bought from and trust (21%).
  • Nearly half (49%) of consumers are most likely to be loyal to brands in the grocery, food, drink and supermarket industries.
  • 48% of Gen Z respondents are more likely to stay loyal to technology and gadgets brands, with fashion, clothing and accessories brands coming in at a close second (47%) and grocery, food, drink and supermarkets at only 42%.

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